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It will be cozy, whether you like pillow fights, bedtime snuggles, or cuddly skirts.

We want your home to be casual and authentic, so that it gives security and feels like yourself.  Individuality does not require loud patterns and colors.  In the mix & match of coarse and fine, knitwear and velvet, pastel shades and non-colors, you create your personal feel-good style.  A whole cosmos of sensory impressions awaits you in your bedroom.  Whether it's decorative pillows, plaids, or blankets, you decide on the material, size, style, type of closure and finish of the customized textiles for the bedroom from LUIZ.  With over 150 exclusive LUIZ fabrics in 850 shades, you have endless possibilities.  Soft cashmere, casual linen, coarse merino wool, soft leather, and other high-quality, natural materials create an atmosphere of harmony and well-being.