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You can make your dreams come true as soon as you wake up.

Because well rested you get the best out of yourself. The better your deep sleep, the more refreshed and energetic you are when you wake up.  Our box spring beds from DUXIANA with mattresses that are precisely tailored to your needs, ensure restful deep sleep.

Deep sleep is the only sleep phase in which our body can repair and regenerate tissues, build bones and muscles, and strengthen the immune system at the same time.

We change sleeping positions often during the night to ensure good circulation. However, when your body sinks too deeply into a mattress so that your movements are suppressed, your brain sends a signal to bring you out of deep sleep.  That's why DUXIANA dynamic mattresses are designed to follow all your movements, permanently supporting your body and promoting blood circulation while allowing your muscles to relax. This has been proven to give you a longer, more intensive, deep sleep. To prevent back pain, the DUX bed ensures even weight distribution and straight alignment of your spine.  The mattresse's unique, multi-layered spring system is flexible enough to let your shoulders and hips sink in, yet resilient enough to hold your lower back.  Thousands of springs provide an immense number of support points on which your body's weight is optimally distributed.  This relieves pressure on the spine and provides a relaxing, natural lying position.  Thanks to exchangeable spring cassettes, this Pascalsystem® can also be subsequently configured and thus remains adaptable throughout your life.