Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Hedegger GmbH & Co KG

Unique results require perfection in every single action.


01 Getting to Know You

For us, you are the measure of all things. That's why we want to get to know you personally. We want to understand your needs and wishes in order to develop a living concept together, that fits you perfectly.

02 Exploring Spatial Possibilities

In order to optimally adapt the concept to the given space conditions at your home, we come to you and measure the room precisely.

03 Making Dreams Tangible

What has been created in the imagination during the conversation, we make visible with a 3D visualization.  This gives you a vivid impression of what your finished room will look like, and allows us to play through the visual effect of different variants with you.

04 Realize Plans

After receipt of your order, all parts are manufactured in our factory especially for you.  Delivery and assembly usually take place within seven to ten weeks on the agreed date.

05 Transforming Your Home

Our fitters will assemble your new wardrobe at your home, and fit each element with millimeter precision. And at the end of the day, you'll be standing in the middle of it all, in the perfect ambience that was once only in your imagination.


Even after order processing, we promise support.

We want to satisfy you completely.  Not only through fancy design and first-class quality, but above all through what we do: we listen to you and are there for you - even after installation.  No matter if your cabinet needs to be rebuilt, if you are moving and want to take it with you, or if it has been damaged: Talk to us - we will find a solution.